Monday, December 21, 2009

Studying while Pregnant

I'm going through my final year of Law School right now. I've actually emailed the University in London, to ask if I could at least move my exam date around November instead of May, since my Due date is in April 2010.

They sent a reply saying that it wouldn't be possible, and that if I would like to defer, it would have to be in May 2011... which is ridiculous... I can't wait another year for it. I thought I could at least ask for November since exams for referrals occur during this time... and perhaps, maybe they could also give some leeway to students with special cases by moving it to November.

I'll still try and contact them in London about this. If the response is still the same, I guess I have no choice though, I have to buckle down for it.

I've read the thread of post about Dealing with Pregnancy and Studying:

I know there are a lot more pregnant moms who had to go through this, so it should be fine.

Here are some advice from the article that I find could be useful:

1. It is best to perhaps cut down on their number of social obligations and recreational activities in order to use those times to rest and rejuvenate. Particularly if these activities are daily or weekly in nature, temporarily removing them from a pregnant woman's calendar can allow for more time to rest without compromising a busy work or study schedule.

2. Women who are pregnant should avoid the use of caffeine while pregnant. Ordinarily, caffeine's stimulating qualities may give a woman the added boost that she needs to get through a busy day, but research strongly indicates that caffeine consumption during a pregnancy can greatly restrict the growth of an unborn child.

3. Every woman's pregnancy is different and few know what they will be able to endure while pregnant until they are actually with child. Making decisions based upon her physical health, energy, and overall strength is an important issue that a woman should discuss with her obstetrician, as the doctor will be able to lend valuable insight to assist her in making her final decision.

4. The woman's family should also be allowed to discuss the issue so that she can receive the care and support that she will undoubtedly need from them during this time.

It goes on to explain that whatever a pregnant woman's decision could be in these situation, whether to defer for a year or two or (having no choice) continue with the course, there are things that a pregnant woman can do to assist in having a healthy pregnancy. These are: getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, keeping all medical appointments and maintaining an emotional balance. Every decision during this time could impact not only a pregnant woman's life but it is also a crucial time in the life and development of her new child.

Hope everything goes well.


  1. good luck! I'm sure you'll be able to muddle through easy since you have a faithful husband by your side.

    Happy Holidays! :)

  2. Thanks.:) that's true, he's really been a big help.

    Happy Holidays to the both of you too. God bless.

  3. You are superwoman! Wow, all that you are accomplishing right now is amazing...and congrats on your pregnancy!


  4. Wow, I can't believe in this day and age that the schools wouldn't be more accommodating.
    Wishing you well with everything, Happy Holidays!

  5. 126 more days to go b4 the baby's birth! do u have any particular cravings? my mum told me she loved to eat beef when she was pregnant with me. hence @ birth i was a pretty HUGE baby...haha. beef's too nutritional =P

    i read the tips u jotted down and i went "OH NO!" at the tip abt abstaining frm caffeine. i'm this huge caffeine addict and tats gonna be pure torture! but for the lovely one, i'm sure i'll find it all worthwhile in the future :D

    P.S. i hope they'll approve ur request to get the exam rescheduled to nov! it'll be hard to juggle exam revision & the newly born! im sure i'll oso love to b able to devote 100% of my attn to the cute baby...

  6. That's not fun studying for an exam while having a baby. Wonder if that would work thru labour lol. You will probably want to rest a lot the last month anyway, and you may very well be bored to death, so it may work. Also newborns tend to sleep a lot...but they also feed a lot...and that's why you end up tired, because of the irregular sleep patterns. If your husband can do a couple of the night feeds and you can get a nap you could probably manage. I think you'll find you won't be out and running around too much for the first month after baby. Hope my advice helps...being there 7 times, I figure I should be able to off something lol. All the best...

  7. Yes, those are all good points. There are so many conflicting opinions about caffeine though. I drank one cup a day when I was pregnant with my first son. But, I know everyone is different, and you have to go by what is right for you and your body.

    I hope you will be able to take the test sooner than later!!

  8. @Inspiration in Italy: Thanks Rachel. :) Have an amazing Christmas and always stay fabulous. xoxo

    @Natashya Kitchen Puppies: I know, right? I guess it's cause I'm doing an external paper (distance learning)... the examiners mark our papers during a certain time only. anyway, thanks dear and Happy Holidays to you and your family too.

    @mica: OMG! tell me about it... when my husband drinks coffee, or even to pass by starbucks, I'm so hoping I could get just a cup of coffee. I've totally abstained from it for now. :) Actually I think the cravings that I noticed was corn, mars bar and "roti canai" hahaha... I don't think it was healthy to have everyday, so I've cut down... now, I've pretty much been eating meat, and veggies and fruits. But I definitely have to have at least one Mars Bar a day. Lol.

    @Shelle: Thanks a lot Shelle... that was a really good advice. I'll do that. I have a friend who's also offered to help me during the day at the first month after delivery... which is really gonna be a great help for me too. Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    @Alicia: Yes, that's true. I guess, coffee was your craving at that time, ya? Although, I do have at least one Mars Bar per day, and even chocolates could contain a bit of caffeine too, right? Actually, I'm glad that it's just one Mars Bar, I couldn't finish another. Which is good, cause I'm watching my blood sugar level.

    Thanks... I know everything will work out well through prayers. Happy Holidays. :)