Friday, December 18, 2009

Ohs and Aws...

Isn't this picture cute? Well, that's what I'm feeling now.

I'm on my second trimester... today's exactly my 21 weeks and 3days... 19 more weeks to go (can you believe how time flies?)

This morning I woke up due to my baby's sudden kick on the right side of my tummy... and then another... and another... but by the time my hubby placed his hand, the kicking stopped. Only to find out a few minutes later that the kicking would occur on the left side of my tummy.

He was so happy when he felt the baby kicked this morning. I actually just woke him up for that. Hehe.

I could tell he was still sleepy cause we slept around midnight, but after he felt the kick (which I would say was kinda strong) he woke up right away, got excited and asked the baby to kick some more for him. :D

Despite all the Ohs and Aws I felt when the baby kicks, I'm just so ecstatic to know that he/she's well and active. I'm sure most mothers would agree that your baby could really brighten your day by just being there and doing all the adorable things that they do in the morning... and that's what my baby did to me today.

When he/she kicks, it feels as if the baby's saying "I'm here Mommy... talk to me" It's amazing. :) I really thank God for this wonderful blessing.


  1. oh I am so so happy for you I loved being pregnant

  2. It's really such a blessing to able to bring another life into this world..

  3. That pic is precious. Glad you're enjoying the journey together. Can you believe I'm excited to see your baby na rin? Weird.

  4. @Rebecca: Thanks dear... I hope you could share your experience when you were pregnant... I would love to here it too and share it here in my blog. maelimbo at aol dot com

    @♥peachkins♥: That is so true Peach... each day I just thank the Lord for this wonderful blessing.

    @Lynn: Hehe... that's really sweet of you. Thanks.

  5. Yes, it's so exciting to feel your baby moving around in there! During the last trimester of my pregnancy, my doctor would have me do "kick counts." At the same time everyday, I would drink a glass of juice, sit down, and then make sure the baby would kick/move at least 10 times w/ in the hour.