Monday, December 14, 2009

Cooking at Home - Kare Kare (Filipino Oxtail Stew)

We just moved in to our new apartment... and as you could see, it's still a bit empty. We're filling it bit by bit with stuff. My hubby and me are just glad that we have a proper kitchen, cause we both love to cook.

Last night, after work, we went to get groceries and decided to cook at home. I've been craving for Kare Kare since last week. Finally, I got the chance to cook.

My hubby loves kare kare as well as I do. I think it has something to do with the peanut sauce... and contrast with the shrimp paste.

Here in KL, I couldn't really find Atsuete oil (Annato oil). So, I thought it would be better if I'd use Mama Sita's Kare Kare Mix. It's easier too, since I don't really have all the time to prepare coming from work and all.

If you're currently outside of Philippines and you'd like to make Kare Kare, you've got to head on down to the nearest Filipino specialty store and get some of those Mama Sita Mix. They're quite good too, and saves you time in preparing your food.

Here's how I did it:

  • 2.2 lbs oxtails, or beef cut into small chunks
  • Egg plant, cut into pieces (about 1 1/2 cup)
  • 3/4 cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup beef broth (usually, I use the broth to boil the oxtail)
  • 1 1/2 cup string beans cut into 2" lengths
  • 1 cup bok choy (pechay)
  • garlic and onion
  • salt to taste
  • Mama Sita's Kare-Kare Mix - Just Add Peanut Butter!

and of course, Shrimp paste (Bagoong) - sauteed

Cut the oxtail into serving pieces, boil until tender, leaving about 4 cups of broth. Skim off fat from the broth. Set aside meat.

Dissolve Mama Sita's Kare-Kare mix and peanut butter in about a cup of the broth.

In the pan, saute garlic and onion. Mix in the oxtail and the sauce mixture of Mama Sita Kare Kare mix with peanut butter. Add the remaining broth.

Let it boil. Add eggplant and long beans into the boiling broth until almost cooked. Add bok choy. Salt to taste.

Serve with a side dish of Shrimp paste (
Bagoong) and rice.

It's that simple.

My hubby likes the sauce with more of a peanut taste, so I'll just add a bit more extra for him when I cook it. It's a bit sticky than the normal stew... but he likes it.


  1. Sounds yummy!!! Glad to know you're adjusting well in your new apartment.

  2. good evening dear! thanks for being my blog's 40th follower! *smiles* i'm really lucky to have sweet readers like you :D

    your dish of kare kare looks yummy! but i'd probably substitute the oxtail with beef if i cook it for bf. he's a huge beef lover ;) but that'll hafta be in 3 mths time, cos we're now back in our respective home countries for the summer holidays.

    i'm now a follower of yours too. looking forward to more recipes of Filipino dishes!

  3. oh this is great love your sweet little family can't wait to meet your baby love Rebecca

  4. Nothing wrong with an empty apt as long as you have something to eat :)

  5. So that's how you make that. I need to appreciate kare kare a little bit more. Its consistency has freaked me out since childhood. Thanks for the recipe. Might cook this for my mother this Christmas...

  6. Looks yum! i've tried making oxtail soup once but wasn't too successful, i may try your recipe soon.

  7. @Veronica Lee: Thanks. :) We're filling our kitchen with stuff bit by bit :D

    @mica: Enjoy the holidays at your hometown. :) Actually you could use 1/2 kilo beef (round or sirloin cut) cut into cubes. I think most Filipinos actually prefer it with Beef Tripe also... It's suppose to be Oxtails with Tripe Stew. By the way, Thanks for following my blog :D

    @Chow and Chatter: Thanks Rebecca... and thanks for the recipes at your blog too. I really appreciate the healthy recipes that you post. :D

    @stephchows: That is so true. :D Last time, my bf (now my hubby) used to rent this big room only. We'd only use a slow cooker to cook... it's a challenge, but it's fun... hehe. :D As long as we don't burn the food. :D

    @Lynn: Hope you'd enjoy the Kare Kare dish... I'm sure your mom would like it... they always appreciate it when we cook for them.

    @trishiekoh: Thanks. I haven't actually tried making oxtail soup... but since it's been raining here lately... that's actually a good idea. Thanks. Enjoy making Kare Kare, and thanks for following my blog.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone. :D

  8. mae, look at your tummy so cute oh please dont make matt fat becoz u cant stop eating :) on other thought make sure he gains same amount of weight as u do while u r preg :)

  9. @Nina Ali: yeah, but then he seems to be putting on weight than me. I guess cause there are time when I couldn't finish my food, I ask him to finish it for me. hehe. :D

  10. Oh this looks so good in fact that I'll have to try it maybe this week. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. thinking of cooking kare-kare for dinner tomorrow after i accidentally stumbled into your blog.

    maligayang pasko. :)