Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas at the Pavilion

This year, Matth and I went to Pavilion to do some shopping. We actually like their Christmas decor this year, instead of last year. Although, last year's White Christmas was also spectacular, with the Big White Christmas Tree. This year's Christmas Decor, kinda reminds you of those Walt Disney Christmas (of course, they play the Disney Christmas songs too).

Around end of November till December, there's always the Year-End Sale event to look forward to every year (which I believe most foreigners come to KL for).

To make things feel like we're back in Philippines, of course we'll have Noche Buena (Christmas dinner) with our Filipino friends. With all the Filipino food, chatting with friends and a good Karaoke night.

Next Christmas, we're both excited (my hubby Matth and I) cause our baby's celebrating his/her first Christmas with us.

Can't wait for that. :-)


  1. That is really pretty. Also you look so good together. The baby will be so cute...

  2. oh you look so cute pregnant, are you registered on baby center. com for progress up dates and the Christmas decor looks great, I love how you are enjoying each stage of pregnancy if you would be willing to write a few lines on the miracle of pregnancy with a pic for chow and chatter let me know
    love Rebecca rebeccasubbiah at yahoo dot com

  3. Thanks for following our blog. I wish you luck as you welcome a new person into the world and into your family. :)

  4. Great pics!!

    Can you believe I've been living in KL for nearly 30 years but not once have I been to the Pavillion!!