Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mars Bar... Anyone?

I've notice a craving for Mars Bars... and it's been weeks since I've been eating a Mars Bar almost once everyday.

I read this article (since I'm always checking the internet about what I've been eating... being worried about whether I've been eating the right food for my baby) , it's from:

Quote: A recent study done by the University of Helsinki in Finland has shown that consuming chocolate while pregnant may benefit babies. The babies studied were tested in areas of smiling and laughter, and fear of novel situations. The babies of mothers who ate chocolate smiled and laughed more, and they also showed less fear when put into a new situation. Overall, the babies of mothers who ate chocolate had a much more positive mood than those who did not. -So, I guess it's good, I'm gonna have one happy baby. :)

Actually, most of the articles on chocolate during pregnancy, stated that it's ok to eat chocolates, but there are limits. Of course, excess of everything is definitely not good.

Honestly, coming from a Filipino culture (or Asian), I've heard a lot of superstitions on what and what not to eat during pregnancy (or some are not really superstitions, but just a comparison, like, some Mom's would advice not eating certain type of food cause this is what they've experience, and this was the effect on their babies, etc.).

Like, if I ask my OB about whether it would be alright to eat veggies, he would say, "of course, it's good that you're eating vegetables"... But a friend of mine advised me, not to eat certain type of veggies, like kangkong (a.k.a water glorybind, water spinach, water convolvulus (sounds like a scientific name... hehe) and swamp cabbage... and believe me I had to look up it's english name, all the while I thought it was always known as only "kangkong", didn't know there are so many names for it).

...anyhow, I was told that it's not good for pregnant mothers to eat water spinach. I do not know whether it's true, since my doctor didn't say that I should avoid eating it. Even pineapple and papaya, I was told that I should avoid eating those.

A friend of mine told me that certain times, a pregnant mother would crave about something because that's what their bodies need for their growing baby... and I believe that makes sense. For instance, when I was on my 7th week, I notice craving for Fish, which before I was pregnant, I wasn't really eating much of it. Since fish has (as we all know) Omega 3 and DHA, which is also essential for fetal development.

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