Sunday, November 29, 2009


.... I really don't know why, but I seem to be really craving for Chocolates...

Which is actually good though... I heard some stories about how pregnant women tend to crave for the weirdest things... like the smell of gasoline or shoe polisher.... I don't really believe that, but, quite a number of (previously) pregnant women said they or their friends really had weird cravings.

I'm glad so far I had cravings for food... and not those stuff.

Friday, November 27, 2009

We're listening to Worship Hymn Radio

... It's just nice and relaxing... good for my baby to listen too as well.

Since it's my 18th week, the baby could hear my voice, heartbeat... and as I listen to good relaxing songs, and sing or even hum... I'm sure my baby could hear it.

Matth loves to stroke my tummy and talk to the baby... we just hope the baby hears it too... but I think the baby could feel his Dad's touch and how his Daddy loves him/her.

Next check, we'll find out the baby's gender... although, it's not a 100% certain... we're really excited to just find out.

Love my baby so much... even though I haven't seen (only through ultrasound) or touch him yet.

We feel truly blessed.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Catching up...

... I didn't post for two days... I guess it doesn't have to be everyday...

I seemed to have missed a lot of things these past two days... Well, last week I missed the Brickfield's College Ball... I think this was the only time I didn't attend since I started studying in Brickfields. I'm sure everyone had a great time... I really wish Matth and I could've made it, but we had other plans that day.

This week, I missed the MBA seminar they had in KLCC... which would have been beneficial for Matth and me since we're both trying to get our MBA or Masters soon. Oh well, I guess we'd have to apply and get the assessment for every individual University on our own then.

We've also missed going for a migration seminar. But we actually went to a migration company to inquire already... so it's alright.

That's pretty much all.

But I'm glad cause my friend (since Elementary School) is coming over for a visit... and tomorrow's a public holiday with means no work for me.

I don't know why yesterday I was feeling restless at home (cause it was our off-day, Matth and I)... and I needed to get some rest, but I just couldn't sleep. Until the time I actually fell asleep, Matth and I had to go to our friend's house for a visit, which we already promised... so we had to go.

Anyway, all I've been thinking about is how's my baby now... I guess, if I had a home ultrasound (if there was such a thing) I'd be looking at how my baby's doing everyday, every hour. hehe.

Can't wait for the next check-up. :-)

Monday, November 23, 2009

I want a cake!!!

I just suddenly had this craving to have a nice, big chocolate cake... with a creamy chocolate topping.

I used to love Black Forest... cause it's got whip cream and cherries... but today, I just want ALL chocolate.

I'm trying not to eat much chocolate cause I've read some articles that chocolates are not entirely safe for pregnant women. It seems, Hershey's has a little bit of caffeine in their chocolates... so if you eat a lot of it, it's also like drinking tea or coffee which is a complete no-no for pregnant women.

I didn't have much chocolate yesterday anyway... I just had one Mars Bar... so I'm entitled for one slice of chocolate cake later ;-)

Work Work Work

... and work some more... I only get one day to rest. One off day... and that just doesn't seem enough. I guess I was so used to having two days (weekend) off from the other companies I used to work for before.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind even if I don't get an off-day if I had my own business... which I'm planning to have... and I'm really saving up for. I've always been happy managing my own business rather than working for someone.

I don't have problems with authority or whatsoever... It's just that since I was young, I've always love having my own business.

I remember my Mom used to tell me about how I was when I was in preschool. I kept asking her to buy me some stickers... she thought I wanted to collect them that's why I kept asking her to buy.

Then one day, she told me she wanted to give me some money to buy some food at school the next day... and to her surprise, I already have some money.

So of course, she asked, where did I get the money. Since my Dad's not around, he's a seaman so he's not always with us, my Mom thought I got it from someone else. I told her that I sold my stickers and the kids had to pay me.

She would ask how did I manage to sell them.... (and this is the funny part) If they don't really want to buy, I would sometimes just stick it on their face or arms and tell them, "there... isn't that nice... that's 25cents"... hahaha... not really a good thing to do... but you know how kids are. ;-)

During Elementary, and High school, I would also have some small business. In Elementary school, I used to sell my Mom's homemade sweets at school.

The best time was actually when I was in High school, I used to do calling cards for my classmates. I just had my first colored printer then, so I started creating fancy calling cards... some had cute borders, or printed in an apple background... my classmates would order a lot (honestly, I don't know what they do with them, but they seem to enjoy giving it out to their friends) until they started ordering for their cousins, their other friends... the orders just kept pouring in (and that's just in my class).

I had sleepless nights printing and cutting the cards. My Mom used to scold me... cause she thought I'm more preoccupied with that small business, rather than my studies... and even asked me to stop eventually.

I've decided to ask my friends to come over my house to help me cut the cards that I've printed out. I would pay them to do that or give them discount if they wanted to order calling cards for themselves. I just had so much fun doing that, but I had to stop cause my Mom didn't want me to continue and neglect my studies.

Actually, a friend of mine who I used to work for just a few months ago, handles training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program), and all these Train the Trainer programs. He asked me about what I wanted to do in life. I told him about that story, about how I seem to be more inclined in business. He told me that there could be something that my Mom said and asked me about what were the exact words she told me to make me stop. I don't really remember exactly... he even mentioned that normally he gets his clients (with their consent) into Hypnosis to find out about what hinders them.

He knows that I stopped having my own business after High school. In College, I didn't really have one, especially when I started here in Malaysia.

Anyhow, I hope to start a new one soon. For now, I'm still saving up for a lot of things too.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Glad to meet good friends again

“Good friends are like stars.... You don't always see them, but you know they are always there”

I don't really know who quote this, but I really like it.

I mean, it's true anyway... even for how many months you don't get to meet them or talk to them on the phone, somehow, once you have that bond... they're always there... if they are your true friends.

I just met my good friends today, Uba and Shane, and it feels good to meet them after so long (well, 3 months for us felt like a long time). Even for lunch, and to chat about things... or bit@$ about things... hehe. It just feels like we're back to those days where we used to hang out after class at the cafeteria and talk about stuff.

The other day (I think it was last Wednesday) Matth and I went to visit my good friend Myles. Actually, I consider these friends of mine as my sisters/ brothers... It's like they're my family here in Malaysia. I told Myles about the news that I'm pregnant and she was so happy. She just gave birth last April to a beautiful baby girl, and she was happy to know that I'm also going to have one of my own.

I heard someone quote this before, I think it was in a TV show... It goes... "Good friends are our strength." I believe in that too. Being far from one's family, just isn't that easy, I'm glad to have good friends who are always there... whether it is to help, comfort, listen or just be there for me in one of those days when you need someone.

My husband Matth has also been like my best friend, we share any problems, happiness, dreams, at times I also bit@$ about things to him (not that I have a lot to bit@$ about :-) ) but he listens to me too.... and I'm very lucky to have that kind of relationship with him.

I guess what I'm trying to say here... is that we should always appreciate every bit of blessing that God has given us through our friends...

...and we should also let them know how much we appreciate them being there.

Celebrity Pregnancy Fashion

This may not be the latest article written about celebrity pregnancy fashion, but I really love the clothes worn by celebrities like Angelina Jolie (isn't it obvious... I'm, like, a huge fan of her ;-) ) Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie.

I just love Angelina's Maxi Dresses.

It's true that pregnant women ARE beautiful.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dontcha wish you look like this when your Pregnant

I sure wish I would....

Is it Angelina's dress or how she just carries it... but she still looks good even when she was pregnant.

I got this image from an article: "How Celebrities Hide Baby Bumps" (

You've also got celebrities like Jennifer Lopez hiding her baby bump by wearing tunics or long flowing dresses.

I guess it really depends on how far a woman is during pregnancy. Some don't show until their 5th month. It all depends on a woman's body structure too.

But why hide it when you have top designers like Jean Paul Gaultier creating clothes for pregnant woman, and even had Jourdan Dunn down the runway to show his new designs. Mind you, Jourdan Dunn was already heavily pregnant at the time of the show. But hey, even when Heidi Klum was pregnant, she was praised for her fashionable clothes, and even had her designers in Project Runway to create designs for Rebecca Romijn to show off her baby bump.

Even Nicole Richie opened her own line of maternity clothing label - A Pea in the Pod, which from what I've checked out from their website, they have nice and affordable, stylish maternity wear.

I didn't know until recently that even Topshop and Juicy Couture also have stylish maternity wear available.

It seems that gone were the days where there was an incompatibility between fashion and baby bumps... hmmm... does this mean pregnancy has become like a trend as well?

If it has, I'm glad I had my baby bump at the right time ;-)

Friday, November 20, 2009

A lil' bit of courtesy...

.... Goes a long way.

I noticed in KL, or even in any part of the world, people REALLY needs some courtesy on the road. Nowadays, It's just hard to find drivers who actually gives way whenever possible. When they see a driver in a tight spot and they need to give way, they just don't do that anymore. Does it ever occur to them that this kind of attitude could also lead to some accidents? And we wonder why whenever there's some major public holidays here, there is an increase in accidents. Well, it's also partly because most of the drivers could be tired and don't have enough rest, and yet they still travel. They leave as early as possible just to reach their hometown in time for the party or gatherings. But besides that, there is also a lack of road courtesy.

I was driving back from work one night, and was about to turn into the main road, I saw this lady driving and she was still far, I'd say there could have been three or more cars in front of her if you compare the distance... but instead of slowing down, she just HAD to speed up. I turned in cause I know that there was still ample distance for her to slow down, she speed up and as soon as she got close, she honked as if I did something wrong.

Is there REALLY a need to do this things? I mean drivers won't really know who you are, unless you hit them and exchange information... whether you're some high ranking person who deserves honor and respect... still, everyone is equal before the law (such as in Road Rules) (although there are some jurisprudential thoughts on this).

I like this quote : "There is a courtesy of the heart, it is allied to love. From it springs the purest courtesy in the outward behavior." by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Could it be that some people nowadays are full of hatred in their hearts instead of love?

There could be so many factors for this. But whatever it is, we should always strive for safety in our roads.