Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dontcha wish you look like this when your Pregnant

I sure wish I would....

Is it Angelina's dress or how she just carries it... but she still looks good even when she was pregnant.

I got this image from an article: "How Celebrities Hide Baby Bumps" (

You've also got celebrities like Jennifer Lopez hiding her baby bump by wearing tunics or long flowing dresses.

I guess it really depends on how far a woman is during pregnancy. Some don't show until their 5th month. It all depends on a woman's body structure too.

But why hide it when you have top designers like Jean Paul Gaultier creating clothes for pregnant woman, and even had Jourdan Dunn down the runway to show his new designs. Mind you, Jourdan Dunn was already heavily pregnant at the time of the show. But hey, even when Heidi Klum was pregnant, she was praised for her fashionable clothes, and even had her designers in Project Runway to create designs for Rebecca Romijn to show off her baby bump.

Even Nicole Richie opened her own line of maternity clothing label - A Pea in the Pod, which from what I've checked out from their website, they have nice and affordable, stylish maternity wear.

I didn't know until recently that even Topshop and Juicy Couture also have stylish maternity wear available.

It seems that gone were the days where there was an incompatibility between fashion and baby bumps... hmmm... does this mean pregnancy has become like a trend as well?

If it has, I'm glad I had my baby bump at the right time ;-)

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