Friday, November 20, 2009

A lil' bit of courtesy...

.... Goes a long way.

I noticed in KL, or even in any part of the world, people REALLY needs some courtesy on the road. Nowadays, It's just hard to find drivers who actually gives way whenever possible. When they see a driver in a tight spot and they need to give way, they just don't do that anymore. Does it ever occur to them that this kind of attitude could also lead to some accidents? And we wonder why whenever there's some major public holidays here, there is an increase in accidents. Well, it's also partly because most of the drivers could be tired and don't have enough rest, and yet they still travel. They leave as early as possible just to reach their hometown in time for the party or gatherings. But besides that, there is also a lack of road courtesy.

I was driving back from work one night, and was about to turn into the main road, I saw this lady driving and she was still far, I'd say there could have been three or more cars in front of her if you compare the distance... but instead of slowing down, she just HAD to speed up. I turned in cause I know that there was still ample distance for her to slow down, she speed up and as soon as she got close, she honked as if I did something wrong.

Is there REALLY a need to do this things? I mean drivers won't really know who you are, unless you hit them and exchange information... whether you're some high ranking person who deserves honor and respect... still, everyone is equal before the law (such as in Road Rules) (although there are some jurisprudential thoughts on this).

I like this quote : "There is a courtesy of the heart, it is allied to love. From it springs the purest courtesy in the outward behavior." by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Could it be that some people nowadays are full of hatred in their hearts instead of love?

There could be so many factors for this. But whatever it is, we should always strive for safety in our roads.

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