Thursday, November 26, 2009

Catching up...

... I didn't post for two days... I guess it doesn't have to be everyday...

I seemed to have missed a lot of things these past two days... Well, last week I missed the Brickfield's College Ball... I think this was the only time I didn't attend since I started studying in Brickfields. I'm sure everyone had a great time... I really wish Matth and I could've made it, but we had other plans that day.

This week, I missed the MBA seminar they had in KLCC... which would have been beneficial for Matth and me since we're both trying to get our MBA or Masters soon. Oh well, I guess we'd have to apply and get the assessment for every individual University on our own then.

We've also missed going for a migration seminar. But we actually went to a migration company to inquire already... so it's alright.

That's pretty much all.

But I'm glad cause my friend (since Elementary School) is coming over for a visit... and tomorrow's a public holiday with means no work for me.

I don't know why yesterday I was feeling restless at home (cause it was our off-day, Matth and I)... and I needed to get some rest, but I just couldn't sleep. Until the time I actually fell asleep, Matth and I had to go to our friend's house for a visit, which we already promised... so we had to go.

Anyway, all I've been thinking about is how's my baby now... I guess, if I had a home ultrasound (if there was such a thing) I'd be looking at how my baby's doing everyday, every hour. hehe.

Can't wait for the next check-up. :-)

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