Monday, February 8, 2010

Prosperity Plant: Indoor Young Bamboo Shoots

Chinese New Year is just in a few days... (and my birthday too... :D ) So my friend and I decided to take a drive to Ikea to check out some nice new things to decorate her house and mine.

Since our dear husbands were at work, we decided to bring her kids and just shop around in Ikea (we just love Ikea). You could get furnitures, decorations, kitchen wares, etc... cheaper and you'll love their designs.

Ikea (in KL) started selling plants to decorate homes for this Chinese New Year since January.

I stumbled upon this nice young bamboo plant that you could place indoor. So I decided to grab some. I took a few straight ones and also grabbed some curly ones.

Since plants are a symbol for life and growth, Chinese believe that it is a must to decorate their homes with certain plants during the Chinese New Year. Aside from their decorative purpose, it is believed that each of them carry a special connotation that is usually synonymous with abundance of wealth, business growth, good health and fortune.

Most of the popular plants sold before Chinese New Year are lime trees, cherry blossoms, young bamboo shoots, and a lot more.

My friend actually bought some Pussy Willows... which would actually look good once it blooms fully around the Chinese New Year period.

She placed the pussy willows in a nice vase... and hang some of those small Chinese New Year deco lanterns... I mean, miniature lanterns... and folded "Ang Pows".

It was actually a nice decor to liven their home for the holidays.

As for my bamboo plant, I guess I have to tie some small red or gold ribbons to liven it up a bit too.

Actually, what I'm really looking forward for during this holiday is a time to relax at home. Even just for one or two days of not going to the office, staying at home with my hubby, baking or cooking something nice for dinner together.

I can't wait... :)


  1. even i decorated my room with some plants today...but i dont have any hope of seeing them alive for more than a week!!! a hostel is not a good place to breed your whims!!have a great year and a happier birthday!tc ma'm